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the one with me in 7th grade


If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this. Yep. Me in 7th grade. Just look at that cute ribbon in my hair!  I was too cute, huh?  In my head I was glamorous. And that white collar?  A Velcro addition that totally dressed up my sweater. Don't you think?  

I photographed the Irlbeck family last night and I'll share the images soon. But THIS photo below couldn't wait. As I was looking through my lens, making this photograph, I could sense how secure and confident she was feeling in this moment!  I loved how she was feeling and so desperately wanted to make a photo that would reflect that. I gave others that are fun, beautiful, even borderline silly, but this image goes out to all the girls out there. Remember you are enough just the way he created you. Strong, beautiful and confident!!!  

Loce does,  


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