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the one with my YUBA YONDER 2016 vacation

I've been in vacation depression since I got home.  Anyone else do that?  You plan for weeks, go on your trip and then when you get home?  You hit bottom and don't want to do anything ever again if it can't be as good as what you just did.

Vacation Depression.  It's a thing.  I looked it up.  

So, I waited a few days to even share these images with anyone.  I wanted to keep everything close and to myself.  But now that I'm feeling a bit better, here goes nothing.  MY YUBA YONDER 2016 VACATION.

My mom, Cheryl lives in Downieville, CA.  It's a remote mountain town that started back during the California Gold Rush.  There's history in this town and you can go to the museum and read all about it.  It's pretty interesting and WILD.  They even hung a few people "back in the day".  But in OUR day, it's a nice place to visit and soak up the sun and experience "God's Country" as my step father, Donnie likes to call it.  And he's totally right.  The trees are tall and the sky feels close to heaven and the river?  Pristine and beautiful and COLD.  Yep. Pretty darn cold.  But I braved it and it's what you do when you come visit.

It was just me and the girls.  Devin couldn't make this trip.  I'm not sure he made the last one back in 2008.  I don't think he did. The boy works too much.  But until we sale this house and he gets a break from all the bills, I'm not sure I can get him away.  

Mom picked us up from the airport and after some Pokemon hunting and food, (yes I play!  sooooo  much fun!) we started making our way to her house.  It's a 2 hour drive and 1/2 of it is on some windy, twisty roads.  UGH!  The girls hung their heads out of the car windows as mom drove and all of us arrived tired and wind blown! We did see quite a few deer on the way.  For some reason the deer seem more colorful in Downieville.  Not sure about that one.

The rest of our days were spent on the river enjoying our surroundings.  This family has no problem having fun together!  I can't wait until we can go back.  Same time next year, everyone?

Love does,