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I was editing my photos from THIS year's trip to Cali and I found LAST year's trip to Cali.  I'm horrible at stuff like that. And I love having this blog as my visual diary so I immediately "went to town" editing these bad boys.

Last year, I was in Cali photographing a wedding and stayed a few days extra to see my family.  My mom lives out there as do my aunts.  I even have cousins I never see out there so when they made the trip south to my sister Kim's place in Long Beach, I had to stay.

We played Triva pursuit, told old stories, I drank a few drinks, (HELLO!  I photographed a wedding the day before) and just enjoyed spending the day together.

Of course, we always get sad when it's time to go.  And well, we got sad.  Keep scrolling for those bad boy photos.  My face gets so red when I cry!

Special thanks to Kim and Craig for hosting us.  I love you both!

Love does,