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the one where Erin + Logan get married at First Baptist Church in Lubbock

Lubbock Wedding Photographer

How lucky am I?  A classic car and a gorgeous couple, all just fall in front of my camera on a gorgeous wedding day and BAM!  I get to shoot them.  Hello!  I should have pinched myself!  Maybe it was all a dream?   

Erin and Logan were married a few weeks ago in a heartfelt, very emotional ceremony at First Baptist Church here in Lubbock.  I met the couple through Jacie, a fellow photographer friend.  I love referrals like that!  It makes me work even harder, not only in trying to impress the couple, but in trying to impress their photographer sister!  And yes, it makes me sweat more, too.  

But everything turned out wonderful and lovely and I'm so happy to show you these!  
Congratulations to the happy couple!!  

Love Does,