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the one with Riley, another "bad ass" and her cute, adorable family

I met Riley (the mom in the photos) through the Magic Hour Foundation.  It's a network of professional photographers who serve individuals and families fighting cancer.  They got me and Riley together.  When a family is hit with a cancer diagnosis, a lot of stuff happens.  Not high on the priority list is "family pictures".  It's a great organization and I encourage you, if you are reading this and know a family dealing with cancer, please share the link with them.  I would LOVE to do this again!

Her hubby had just gotten home from deployment and it was the perfect time to meet and make some kick ass photos together.  This couple had gotten married at the courthouse before one of his tours of duty, but he had never officially proposed to her.  Well, guess what?  He did!  And did so during the session.  It's towards the end, so keep scrolling.  

Love Does,