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the one with Shania + Mike's engagement session

These two...SWOON!  Meet Mike + Shania.  Shanaia is a Pirate alum and I've watched her grow up  at Cooper.  Such a sweet, funny, smart girl.  Completely sarcastic and witty.  I always enjoy being around her.  So when she called to let me know she was engaged, I just had to meet the guy.  I was totally curious.  Who could capture her attention?  Who could keep up with her energy level?  Who could handle the sarcasm and still hold onto his "man card"?  Mike.  That's who!  He's the perfect blend of calm, goofy and cute all rolled into one.  And he definitely is still holding his man card.  Just sayin'.  Enjoy the sneak peek!  These two are getting married this December and I can't wait!!!!

Love Does,