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the one with a sunrise engagement, Tyler + Kayla

I haven't photographed a sunrise session in years.  Try like 5 years!  So, when the time worked best for Tyler + Kayla, I was definitely surprised.  I offer it all the time and most folks don't want to get ready by that time.  But the lighting is just so soft and pretty and PINK.  I love it!  Perfect for an engagement session!

I photographed Tyler's sister's wedding and hadn't seen him since.  HELLO!  I swear men don't age.  Like at all.  Maybe it's because he has a youthful face and he's so tall we always have to look up at him.  Not sure about that theory.  

But I am sure these two are super cute together!  And I'm sure that I want to do more of these sunrise sessions.  I'd love to do a Graduate!  Hello!  Anyone?

Love Does,