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the one with Emily + Jordan, a wedding at the Legacy

This wedding felt like a dream.  A winter's dream!  

I first met these two online months ago.  I even flew to Houston to photograph their engagement session.  They live there and it seemed right to do something there as they were coming to Lubbock, their childhood home to be wed.  

Well, wed they did!  In grand fashion that was simple and very elegant.  They made it so comfortable and inviting for all their family and friends.  They wined and dined us like KINGS!  Kings, I tell you!  And a part of me was sad to see the night end.  I loved working with these two and seeing their thoughts and ideas come together.

Emily has a fantastic sense of style and Jordan, just an animated, fun human.  I think I could watch him move and interact all day.  Much joy and happiness to this couple as they start their lives together!

Love does,