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the one with the On Pointe' Dance Recital

My friend, Emily is a dancer.  She has been since I've known her and that's been for more then 20+ years.  She's an awesome dancer and has a dance academy in Idalou.  She invited me to photograph their recital this year and I was in cuddle bug heaven with these girls!  They were adorable!  Absolutely adorable AND the can dance!  She did such a good job and worked so hard to put this all together.  I'm so proud of her and all this cuteness that is about to follow.

Thank you, Emily!  You can view the full gallery by CLICKING HERE.

Love Does,


PS  Did I ever tell the story about Kalyn Marie and Summer Zoe dancing?  I got them kicked out of dance.  Yes.  ME.  I was asked not to bring them back the following year.  Oh, the shame!  Apparently, I asked too many questions when the word "french braid" and "sew this on" were spoken during the parent meeting.  Oh, well...such is life.  Lucky for me the girls could play ball like beasts.