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Yes, this is me in my garage.  It needs cleaning and so do I!!!  HELLO!  I've been dealing with some side effects of radiation and chemo.  Yep.  Cancer.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Since my treatment ended in February 2014, I've had low platelets and just low everything.  I felt great!  But after lots of tests and blood work, including a bone marrow biopsy which was NOT fun, I'm still not where I need to be.  HELLO!  What can you folks tell me about low thyroid? Because I'm dealing with it.  And apparently, the med they give to fix it is something I'm slightly allergic to.  As in, I break out in hives and itch like I've got fleas.  So, i'm researching other means to help.  Anyone else dealing with something like this?

One of the many side effects of low thyroid is weight gain.  Fun, huh?  I was wondering what was up?  I mean I'm a pretty healthy eater and juicer since cancer and I've been putting on the weight even though I haven't changed much in my diet.  Okay, so I ate a few cookies here and there, but I knew something else was happening.  I'm just thankful it's low thyroid and not tumors.  You know?  

So, back to the Barre it is.  I'm amping up my exercise and lowering my calorie intake.  I've heard My Fitness Pal is a good way to food log. I've used the app before, but it's time to get serious folks. This lady has to hang with bridemaids that are young and tight and beautiful.  Not that I'm competing, but I don't want to be the scariest thing in the bridal prep room.  I'll leave that to the hair extensions. 

Wish me luck.  I'm posting here for accountability.  Maybe I'll post each week?  A selfie against a wall showing all my scary parts in hopes that it improves each week.  Wait...I did that in the previous post.  Those images of me against the wall after eating the popsicle?  I think that excuses me for one more week.

Love Does,