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te one where my niece, Brooke graduates from TT

She did it!  Brooke Noel made it out in 3 years and is ready to take on the world!!!  

We all got together at the Spirit Arena for her 3 hour graduation.  WHEW!  But there was no way we were going to miss her walking that stage!  HELLO!  We had rehearsed our barking yells for days!  Days, I tell you!!!  LOL  In fact, Jason was taking video with his iPhone when she walked and he yelled and threw up his hands, yep, the hands with the camera, so he got some excellent video!  LOL  

It's was crazy town afterwards.  So many people!  But I was bound and determined to get some family shots of our dazzling graduate with her family, so we found the one patch of shade and I started firing away.  I'm so glad when I do this.  I love having all these memories to look back on.