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the one where Devin + Devin get married in Ruidosa, New Mexico

This Kiss, THIS KISS!  

It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's, ah, impossible
This kiss, this kiss (unstoppable)
This kiss, this kiss

I don't know, but for some reason those lyrics kept popping into my head as I edited this sneak peek from Devin Michelle + Devin Ramby's wedding.  Yep. That's how we refer to them now. To keep them apart.

HELLO!  It was a GORGEOUS day and I had so much fun hanging with the LBK Crew!  It was like a Cooper Reunion in New Mexico!  You see, these two teach and coach at Cooper. That how they started dating.  

These are mostly from my camera with a few from Toni, my BFF and 2nd shooter, tossed in for good measure.  We had such a great time this weekend!  Toni hung out with the guys the morning of the wedding. They all played gold in Cloudcroft. Me?  I was. With the girls at Devin Michelle's Parents cabin. 

Hot pink flowers!  Sangria made by aunts!  Cute baby!  All of those things led to a wonderful morning!   

And the venue?  Hello!  Gorgeous!  If you follow me on snapchat, you'll know what I'm taking a of. Great scenery for a wedding!   

I really loved everything about this wedding, so if anyone you know is planning on heading to Ruidosa to get married?  Please give them my name.  I'd appreciate it.  

Love Does,