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The one with my quick trip to Fort Worth


Summer Zoe had a meeting and Toni and I decided to tag along. It was drive in and drive out. Much like Navy Seals and their quickness and stealth in getting the job done. Yeah. Just like that.  Since it was such a quick trip, AND since I had recently upgraded my iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6sPLUS, I decide to take it and see what the camera could handle for the day.  All these images I'm sharing in this blog post were taken with that camera.   


See?  Stealth I tell you. We discovered a new podcast and my car companions at first, we're not thrilled. But a few minutes in I had them hooked. It's called The Mortified Podcast. Ever heard of it?   

The Mortified Podcast by Mortified Media and Radiotopia




I highly recommend it for grins and giggles. Some adult content. Ok. MUCH adult content. But it's endearing as well.  


Summer was attending a planning meeting at the Newman Center.  She's heavily involved in Catholic Communitues and the girl above, Paulina is one of her best friends. I hear Summer talk about her all the time, so it was great to finally hug her neck. 🙂



This is church across the street. I loved their doors!  While Toni went to pick up Brittany, because Hello!  We had to squeeze in a visit with out girl! Summer and I went to mass. Cool thing about being Catholic for sure! 



After mass, Summer had her planning meeting so the rest of us went museum hopping. It's not quite bar hopping, but with us, it almost is!!   



I was more interested in the architecture then the sculptures or paintings. I think the sculptures are called artifacts.  Either way, this place had some stuff. Toni almost broke some stuff and we had to hide out in the bathroom.  

I could share a few cute videos here, but I'm protecting the innocent.  

After one museum, we went to my favorite!  I love the Modern one in Ft. Worth.  Can't think of the name right now, but it's next to the first one we went to.  It has a massive metal sculpture outside of it that is amazing!  I love going inside it and just listening to myself (and others) as the sound effects are ultra cool.  

This is where my "big boy" camera would have paid off.  But remember, it's about the moments and the tool you have, so I didn't stress too much.  

Frank Stella had an exhibit there and we stumbled through it in amazement.  I had never come across his work before, that I had known, but I'm a HUGE fan now!  Just crazy amounts of color and texture and SIZE!  LOVE his work!!  It's currently on display and you can read all about the Modern Art Museum HERE.  

Summer Zoe called to let us know she was finished with her meeting and we all decided we were hungry.  So...

a quick lunch at some burger joint that featured veggie burgers and then a sweet treat.  This is where things quickly escalated and we decided that Summer Zoe should drive us home.  What a fun ride that was!  I'm telling you, one of the best parts about having grown kids is they will drive you around while you have a party in the back seat!  We sang karoke, talked like mad teenagers and just had the best ride!  Thank you, Summer!  It reminded me of when I used to drive you and your girlfriends around after school.  I think we even played some of the same jams.  LOL

I've decided I look my Nana did when she was 70 something.  Time to renew that Pure Barre relationship, don't you think?  This momma needs to lose about 20 pounds.  Who's with me?