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the one where Brittany + Kyle get married @ Texas Tech

Well hello there cute couple kissing at the Jones Stadium!  How are the two of you?  

Brittany, my Valedictorian Bride was married to Kyle at Kent Hance Chapel on the campus of TT.  These two played ball for Texas Tech, met and fell in love.  They share a lot in common.  Good home values and lots of guns.  They are definitely bonding over guns.  LOL  

I'm not good at the marketing part of my business.  I should be bragging these photos to the Lubbock world in hopes of getting more clients that want to photograph on campus, but truth be told?  I honestly don't care where you are planning your wedding.  I simply love photographing emotion and people in love, so plan your wedding day with the two of you in mind, and I'm happy.  Honestly I am.

Enjoy this sneak peek!  

Love Does,