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the one with the two Devin's in Ruidosa

I'm in gorgeous Ruidosa photographing Devin + Devin's wedding.  Yep.  Both named Devin.  Remember when I photographed their engagement session?  Anyway, it's late and I'm in the hotel room, backing up files from today's rehearsal.  We start early tomorrow.  Golf, beauty, setting up the Party Booth, oh yeah!  And it's going to be such a great time!  Macy + Carlyle are here.  He's a groomsmen and guess what?  A new Daddy!  And Bekkah is here as well.  She's one of my favs from Good Ole' Cooper High!  Heck!  I hear Mr. Enloe will be here tomorrow night as well!  So much fun will be had, for sure.  I can't wait!  In the mean time?  Enjoy this sneak peek from the rehearsal.

Love Does,

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