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the one with Brittany, a bridal in West Texas

Bridals are a fantastic way to have a "run through" of what exactly takes to get ready for your big day.  You can try out the hair, find out how long it takes to get in your gown, figure out your makeup. All of it.  

This is Brittany above.  She is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Inside and out!  And I'm apologizing to all the brides out there?  But stop your bridal game right now, because you can't win.  Nope.  You can't.  Brittany wins it all.  She gets the A+ and the top of the class award.  HELLO!  She was perfect to work with.  She always had things ready and contacting me about dates, plans, people, etc.  She was completely laid back when things didn't go her way and impressed me so much with her warmth and attitude.  No wonder Kyle was in love!  

We started her bridals out at Texas Tech.  She pitched for TT Softball and married a boy who played football.  How cute is that?  So, it was definitely fitting that we shoot on campus.  Her mom flew in for the occasion and she had a good friend or two along as well.  Totally helped with arranging a train, veil, flowers, etc.  I love it when girls bring friends!  

If you saw Brittany + Kyle's engagement session, then you know this girl is a shooter.  They went hunting on their honeymoon!  So, we had to find a place to pose with her guns.  In West Texas, that's no problem.  A field just down 4th works just fine.  I love that about this town!

Love Does,