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the one where Krysa + Justin get married at Fountain Hills in Arizona

When I travel for weddings, when I document weddings, I'm not fond of hourly coverage.  Not fond at all.  I mean, I want the couple and guests to feel comfortable and at ease with everything that day, and if they are worried about timing the coverage during their destination wedding, it just doesn't work.  The last thing they need to be thinking about is me.  So, when Krysa + Justin traveled from the Lubbock area to Arizona for their wedding, I simply came along for the ride!

They were married at a fabulous resort in Fountain Hills.  This place didn't have a bad angle folks. It was HOT like a super model and it made me very happy.  Hot temperature wise, and hot as in this place was sexy!  HELLO!  Yep.  I wanna go back.  So, if you are reading this and planning on getting married there?  Call me.  Just pick up the phone and call me.  I love it so much I'm sure I'd give you a deep discount.  

The wedding day was gorgeous!  And Justin?  He was the perfect mix of emotions for my camera.  This guy was so ready to see his bride and get married!!!  I loved his expressions!!!  Krysa was emotional as well, she just hid it better.  The girl was a pro this wedding day.  Quite like she was the day we photographed her bridals.

Funny wedding moments involved a lost ring, a missing wedding license and a friendly bumble bee that attended.  There were many more wonderful moments as well, but you know me, I like the pictures to do the talking.