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the one of Krysa + Justin's day before the wedding

Back in March I headed to Arizona with my good friend Teresa.  We hopped in the Pilot and went West.  She was an awesome travel buddy!  Her niece, Krysa was getting married and I was the lucky girl that was hired to document the occasion.  Hello!  LUCKY INDEED!  I honestly think, other then the actual taking of images, the traveling part?  It's the favorite part of my job.  In fact, I revamping my wedding pricing this next season.  I want to see more of the US and I'm working on getting to more places.  Do you have anyone getting married in your life?  Please have them contact me.  I firmly believe documentary coverage is a MUST with wedding photography.  Sure, pretty portraits are important and I make those photographs as well.  But good documentary coverage, those images? Those are the ones that you love and those are the images that last.  

So, we are in Arizona for the next several days.  And Teresa is my traveling buddy.  The place where Krysa + Justin are getting married in absolutely GORGEOUS venue.  I was instantly buzzing with new angles, new horizons, new colors.