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the one with Christine, UT Grad 2016

She was extremely nervous.  I could feel it!  And I knew it was my job to put her at ease.  I've always felt having your photograph made should be a fun experience. Something you enjoy.  You should feel the most beautiful version of yourself!   Alive and well!  That way, when you view the images later on in life, you are immediately taken back to that moment and how you felt.  I wanted that for Christine since she first asked me to photograph her.

Christine came into our lives when Kalyn went to UT.  The dorms were full by the time Kalyn made her choice of schools so she was living in Dobie and went potluck for her roomies.  Brave girl!  It worked out beautifully as this is how we met Christine.  They were roommates and best buds from then on.  Both were RTF majors and both were crazy girls that craved fun yet took school seriously.  

When I got sick, Christine's family rallied around my daughter and took care of her as their own. They lived in the Austin area and it brought me so much comfort to have them there!  I knew she was being taken care of in a way that wasn't easy for her.  She wanted to be home with me, but needed to stay in school.  God knew what he was doing when he put these two together!  Now in the last few years, they haven't gotten to spend as much time together as they would like. They both are busy, beautiful young women and both have studied abroad at different times.  Same school, #GoBrightonUSussex

But they are still friends.  Steadfast and true and I feel they will be in each other's lives a long, long time.  I like that.

I was in Austin last week working a conference and I got the chance to photograph Christine.  It was such a wonderful night!  Her mom got to come and just the 4 of us enjoyed a lovely dinner.  It will be a fond memory in my heart for a long time.  We made pictures on campus, in cap and gown, and then we went downtown Austin to get the "girl in the city" look.  I LOVE how they turned out!

Christine will be moving to LA soon! This girl is going into casting and hopes to have her own business someday.  I have no doubt she will!  Her brain works at a crazy speed that retains info that will blow your mind!  I love being around that energy!  Makes me feel young!  

Enjoy her sneak peek!

Love Does,