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the one where Eminence + Michael get married at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

I sit on blog posts for weeks now.  Worrying about what to say and always falling short of how it felt to be there.  To witness the beginning of a couple's life together as a family?  That's big.  But after I type the words, I feel like it's such a load of crap!  I think it's from reading too many sappy bride magazines.  Honestly, I need to attend a writers conference or something.  Beef up my writing skills.  

I truly feel so fortunate to be there when their life begins.  It's an incredible feeling each time they hit the vow part of the ceremony.  I've never had anyone pull a Hugh Grant moment and actually bail on the wedding day.  I've had them cancelled a week away, but never the day of.  So, it's exciting when they start taking their vows!  I love it!  And a part of me tries and remembers mine?  But I never can.  I know they were traditional and I know Devin brings up the submissive part that was read during one of our readings.  HA!  Of course he would.  LOL

I first met Michael and Eminence at St. Elizabeth's and we walked to University to get a cup of coffee/water and chatted about what they wanted photography wise and what was important to them about their day.  I listened.  I asked questions.  And I got excited about their plans!  Everything about this wedding screamed classic.  Classic lace gown, with just the right amount of bling, classic black tux with the prefect cuffed shirt.  Classic flowers and bridesmaids dresses, in the oh, so lovely shade of green winter grass.  All of it, just feel together in such a lovely way!  And then!  A grandfather who was definitely a classic silver fox, walked his granddaughter down the aisle and the perfect mix of emotions just carried through the church. 

Dinner, dancing, party booth.  All of it was made even better with all of the out of town guests, meeting their family and friends and enjoying the dancing and mingling!  Such a fun bunch!  So much fun that the reception carried over into the wee hours of the night.   And took us with them!  Yep!  Shot this one with my BFF in crime, Toni, and we rolled in pretty darn late.  Or early?  You can look at it either way, you know.

Thank you, to the bride and groom and choosing me to document their wedding day!!!  I wish you the BEST of everything you want in life!!! 

Love Does,

PSI just realized that I'm a photographer that tells stories through my images so really?  Who cares what I write, it's the pictures you need to see.  Happy scrolling!