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the one with Matt, Texas Tech Grad 2016

This is Matt.  He reminds me of Freddie Prince, Jr.  Remember him?  He starred in such hits as She's All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer.  I kept getting the Freddie vibe from Matt's square jaw and dark good looks. And then, when he would break into his smile, the one that totally crinkles up his nose?  He became signature Matt for me.  Hello!  Just a great guy to photograph! 

Thank you, Matt.  I sure enjoyed our time together! 

Remember?  The Q+A?  Be sure and scroll through the pretty pictures to read more about Matt.  I'm really liking this interview process.

plans after graduation?
After graduation, I'll attend medical school at Texas Tech!!

which is historical figure (fact or fiction) do you most identify with?
John Galt, because no one knows who I am. (If you're asking yourself "Who is John Galt?", then you get the point.)

(You know I will google.  I get it, but I will still google.)

what is your favorite journey?
My favorite Journey was the band's lineup from 1977-1983. Unfortunately, members decided to go their Separate Ways, but I guess you can't have it Any Way You Want It. I Faithfully wait for them to get back together, and I Don't Stop Believing' that a reunion is possible.

(Cracking me up here, Matt.  I had no idea you even listened to Journey.  Hello!  Missed jamming opportunity in the Pilot, I'm bummed.  LOL)

greatest fear?
Spiders. That is all.

(Man, these spiders are winning the fear points.  I get it!  I get it!  Sure glad we can squash them.)

on what occasion do you lie?
Every time I tell myself I have plenty of time to start a project. I'm taking this survey as a form of procrastination to avoid doing other things I'm less excited about!

(What?  I'm totally messing with your studying mojo?  I'll take it.  And I can relate.  I can procrastinate with the best of them. )

where would you like to live?
Near family and friends.

(the answer every momma wants to hear)

which words or phrases do you most overuse?
I'm not sure they'd be appropriate...

(insert crying eyes emoji)

what is your motto?
Just keep swimming.

I'm starting to ask graduates if they are single.  Matt declined to answer, or because it was the last question, maybe he decided to study? Procrastination was over.  Who knows?

Thanks again, Matt.

Love does,