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the one where the Lady Pirates play their last home game of the year

That face!  Oh, gosh!  I know how he feels, that dad up there?  Escorting his baby across the floor on her last home basketball game.  My heart hurts for him.  I've done it twice.  Kalyn graduated in 2012 and Summer Zoe in 2014.  Both times, I was chocked up!  Like lump in my throat wanting to cry chocked up.  You want the best for your kids!  You have hopes and dreams and you want happy rolled into one big ball of life!  And then something creeps up on you, and you realize it's a change, a tipping point, a wall.  WHATEVER!  And you have a few seconds to ponder the situation and that lump starts.  If you know Dan, that dad up there?  You know that face is his "I'm holding it together face".  And then your photographer yells, "Hey, look at me!" to save you from humiliation and snap you back into reality.  Yep.  That's what I'm good for.  

I'll leave you with a hug!  And the orders to go view more photos on the Pirate Gallery.  You can find the link up there in my menu.  "Down with LCP", yeah, you know me!  And you can thank me for that song reference later.    

Love Does,