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Do you need help with your camera?

Did you invest in shiny new camera and now you have no idea how to use it?  Is your iPhone not cutting it at the kid's basketball games?  I can help.  I get asked all the time if I would help people with their cameras.  They simply want to take better photographs of their family.  Preserve the memories.  Capture the moments.  

Because I'm self taught, I couldn't understand why folks don't just dive in and learn. HELLO!  It's not that hard, people!  Grab your camera, start shooting and then read a few online sources.  I mean, that's basically how I did it.  But then I had a cup of tea and realized that I learned on film. That the lab corrected most of my exposure mistakes and that yes, it would have been awesome to have someone come to my home and help.  So, I'm doing it.  I'm doing just that.  Here's some info.

- how to shoot in manual mode
- how to chase the light (I'm a professional)
- how to edit the photographs you make

The class takes place in your home. This is where you photograph your family, your friends, you life.  There is no time limit as people learn at different levels and some, let's face it, need more time then others.  You will need a camera, duh?  And your computer.  Don't worry, what you have is enough.  We will find a way.  And an internet connection would be helpful as I have lots of cool stuff to share!

If you'd like to schedule a class for yourself or someone you love, email me at kristinbednarz@me.com.  Classes are scheduled Tuesday - Thursday.  And just because I'm REAL and not perfect, check out me trying to take this opening shot. 

If you don't succeed at first, keep trying.  God loves the effort!