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I haven't carried a purse since 2013, or was it earlier then that?  Now that I think back, quite possibly when the girls were in high school is when I gave up the beast.  I would photograph their basketball games and have my gear with me so I would throw my wallet in my gear bag. Maybe a lip chap or two.  And then when I bought my Honda Pilot I gave it up for real. Have you seen the inside of a Pilot?  Hello!  It's like the perfect purse. There's a place for your Kleenex, you lip balm, even your rosary beads. It's the bomb, I'm telling you. I just slowly filled it up with all the things I used to carry in my purse. Ok. So it was a bit irritating in church and the hubs would ask for a Kleenex and I'd have to say "they are in in the car". Oh, he loved that!  But for the most part, I've enjoyed the freedom of not being confined to my bag.  Now I have missed the search.  You know, the old purse is looking pretty worn out and you go through Dillards, or Macy's or TJMAX and start the search for the perfect bag.  I even kind of miss organizing them. I would do that at the UPS counter while I waited for them to ship my prints. I was always picky about the purses I bought. Lots of thought and looking went into each purchase. I would carry them for at least a year, some even more. And because of the search and attachment, I would keep them all.  They live in a drawer in my closet.  I pull them out and look at them every once in a while.  I pulled this one out the other day to run errands. To see if I missed it. Needed it. My iPad fit into it. That was cool. I've carried it a day now. It seems heavy. It slows me down at the counter where I shop. An extra step in putting away the wallet. Not sure if it will survive the next 24 hours. Tomorrow's shooting day. We'll see.

Anyone else here bag less?