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the one with Casey's puppies

It's been a while since Kanga had her puppies.  A LONG while.  Her last litter was born March 17, 2013.  I was diagnosed with cancer a few short weeks after and started treatment by the time the last puppy found a home.  Her "puppy making" days were over at that point and I've missed having them around.  So, when Casey, our neighbor and good friend told us about his toy aussie litter, I jumped at the chance to go and visit them.  They are just as adorable and cute and sweet as you would think a new puppy would be!  They are about 1 month old at the time of these photos.  So, so soft!  And oh so cuddly.  I think he has a couple left that need a home, so if you are interested, please let me know and I'll introduce you two.

Love Does,