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Mandy + Paul are cool.  They make you laugh and enjoy yourself and most of all, make you feel accepted and loved.  That's a big deal in my eyes. For one, life is way too short not to have fun when you can, and these two?  Despite working hard, know how to have fun.  It just follows Mandy around.  

Mandy also is the world's best text messenger in the world.  She's got any tween beat at this game. She uses the least amount of letters to get her thoughts across and does so in a way that anyone can understand.  I have to read her messages out loud, but as soon as I do, I understand them. But they don't translate well in my brain if I try and read them silently.

They brought along their dogs for the session and a family member that could help us wrangle them.  My dogs are my family, so I totally get that!  They should be involved and present and among us.  I seriously had to break out my "massive dog friendly skills" to get these dudes to pay attention to me and not the Lubbock wildlife.  HELLO!  These guys were created to roam and sniff and run.  Not exactly camera aware skills if you know what I mean.

If you are thinking about your next family picture, I encourage you to bring the mutts, the fur babies, your little ones.  We can plan a way to make it work.  

Love Does,