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Lubbock Wedding Photographer

If Callene and Hunter were around to photograph every day, I would seriously have a 6 pack of abs.  I laugh SO hard when I'm with them!  They are getting married in the warm summer months and I had the chance to photograph them in my favorite field.  LOVE me a good field!

Besides the field, we also photographed for a while in Hodges Park.  This is where they got engaged!  It must have been a good bridge to propose on, because another couple was thinking the same thing when we were there.  Besides, love, there was a mouse that freaked ME and Callene out.  Maybe me more then here, not gonna lie.  It was creepy at first, but then we realized he was kind of slow and saw that he had a hurt foot.  So, of course, being girls, we felt sorry for him.  I mean, it’s not every day you see a mouse on the ground at the park.  You know?

Laughing…and more laughing!  These two have so much fun together you can’t help but join in the laughter!  It’s super contagious and super fun.  I'm sure the wedding will be amazeballs, because good people attract good people. I can't wait to meet their friends!

I think she said a friend helped her shop for her outfits.  Seriously, the dress?  The one with the cute red shoes? TO DIE FOR!  LOVED!  It was the perfect mix of classic design and flirty nature.  

We tried to get into the wind museum but it was too close to closing.  Hunter is a wind man and works with the BIG ones.  But that's OK.  I feel we totally nailed the windmill shot below.  So, no worries there.   But warning to those that thing they want to photograph there.  They close the gates at 5 PM.  Not sure what that means exactly.  Do you spend the night there if this happens?  We didn't want to find out.

Something else I discovered when working with these two, Taco Hell.   Hunter introduced me to this sign I’ve parked by for over a year, on the wall I love in East Lubbock.  It has the words “Taco Hell” and I never noticed it before.  Nice eye Hunter.  On the sign, and the girl!

Love does,