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the one with Seagan + Ryan's wedding @ Fulford Barn in Tahoka

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I'm in love with this opening image.  I know, I know...it's posed.  So out of my norm for a favorite image from a wedding.  But something about it.  Those big strong arms of her groom.  The softness of her.  And that vein in his hands? Totally leading to his wedding ring?  SWOON!  I'm in love!

Seagan + Ryan were wed on a rainy, overcast day at The Fulford Barn in Tahoka a few weeks ago.  I really like this venue.  I've photographed there once before, way back when.  And had been itching to be there again.  I'm especially fond of the bamboo they have surrounding one area.  And it has the feel of being a million miles away from here.  Almost forrest like.  

Seagan has a thing for cascading rose bouquets in this gorgeous shade of purple. Her wedding color.  During her bridal session, she had her florist craft a bouquet and wasn't happy with how it turned out.  But she thought, this is ok.  By her wedding day, it could be improved upon.  Well, it wasn't.  Again, she wasn’t happy.  But no big deal.  The florist just reworked it and this bride rolled with it!   That was the reoccurring theme with the bride through out the day.  

Rain, rain and more rain!  Again, Seagan just rolled with it!  It started out as a drizzle.  No big deal.  We just photographed the portraits under the porch at the barn.  That's OK.  It worked.  And the first look was still in “some nature” with slight misting.  But the ceremony?  Golly, did it ever pour during the ceremony!  IN fact, I think the words “mother nature” were thrown into the vows by Seagan at some point.  Guests brought out umbrellas And again, she just rolled with it, beautifully I might add.

Myles the groom's dog may or may not have been drugged.  You will notice in the photographs I'm sharing here, he was a BIG part of their day.  He was Ryan’s dog first, but Seagan says he loves her more.  I think she’s right.  He's normally not scared of rain, but maybe thunder?  Not sure.  But he did a great job, or rather the best man did, handling him during the big day.  He attended the reception for a bit, and then retreated to the groom's cabin.  

The rain came down pretty hard for quite some time.  The venue placed some blue tarp in the outside reception area.  Just made me smile.  Everyone was supposed to be enjoying a fall evening under the stars, and instead?  Hopping mud puddles, but never letting it dampen their celebration!  I loved that!

The Daddy + Daughter Dance stands out in my mind.  They always do, but hello!  Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting?  I’ve seen orchestrated dances before, but not this.  I was impressed Marshall. Impressed.  Your leg got pretty dang high.  LOL

Coach Kat was there.  He's the football coach at Lubbock Cooper.  The Pirates won the night before and they got home super duper late, I think 3 AM?  Up early for films and he still came to the wedding.  He lived across the street from the Holmes girls when they were growing up and Seagan baby sat their boys a time or two.  It was great to see them!

Muscles everywhere! These people work out!  Hello! How did they find tuxes that big?  Seriously.  How did they?

The first time I photographed Seagan, (she's a Cooper Girl after all), she was on top of a stunt in the Cooper Gym almost touching the rafters.  I swear.  And she hasn’t changed a bit.  She’s still on top touchinglife!

This group were Complete CHAMPS when it came to the rain. I know this was NOT the day the two of them signed up for, weather wise.  But again, they both just rolled with it and despite the rain, the DOWNPOUR even, they both took it all in stride.  Heck, they even agreed to a walk in the rain for some couple’s portratis.  I loved that about them!  They are going to do just fine in life if they roll through the punches like this.  

Sugar by Adam Levine was the song they serenaded each other to on the dance floor.  Not the first dance song, but definitely one they love.  Talk about sweet and cute and sassy all rolled into one.  Seriously adorable!

I wish you two all the love + laughter life can throw at you!  So very thankful I got to tell the story of your day.