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the one where Sarah + John Paul get married at First Baptist Church in Lubbock

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Remember that gorgeous bride I shared with you about a month ago?  HELLO!  Just CLICK HERE in case you forgot, or CLICK HERE in case you want to google her beauty again.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.  

Well, she got married!  Her and John Paul were married at First Baptist Church in Lubbock a few weeks ago and LUCKY ME got to photograph it!  I was seriously doing a "happy dance" the entire day folks.  I was!  If you couldn't see it on my outside, I most definitely was in my head.  It was a mean jam, happy dance to Bruno Mars, Treasure and I was H A P P Y.  I loved everything about this wedding!

I've been talking notes after a wedding and while I edit. To keep the story fresh in my mind.  Read on, and make sure you scroll and view all the pretty pictures!

  • Groomsmen socks, HELLO!  One wore wonder woman. Yep. Seriously.  Hand picked by the groom and purchased and packed and carried all the way to Texas, he gave each guy the kind of socks with a “cape”.  Super hero socks.  Too funny!  That same groomsmen?  The one in the wonder woman socks? He had to take a hit for the team because the groom’s tux didn’t fit.  So, they exchanged.  His tux was SOOOO big he had to pull it up to his armpits.  We were dying laughing.  Lucky for us they had time to go exchange the pants at Men’s Warehouse.  Whew!  Crisis adverted.
  • Bride’s bouquet was AMAZEBALLS!  If you follow me on social media, you already know.  I showed it off like craze balls.  It was crafted by her mom and featured some seriously gorgeous jewelry!  I had my eye on that baby all day.  The coolest thing is she can keep it forever.  It will be like art work in her home.  
  • leave your thumbprint at the door, folks. Yep.  Sarah and John Paul had a unique and very creative sign in for their guests.  Each guest left their thumbprint on the tree so that it looked like a leaf.  It was stamped in a fairly opaque ink so they could then sign their name over it.  I loved how it turned out!  
  • No alcohol was served at this wedding and yet?  These people DANCED.  A lot!  A nice change from your drunken smelly beer fest of a mess.  Don't get me wrong.  I immensely enjoy photographing those weddings as well, and many times, when attending as a guest, am a bit messy myself.  
  • These two just could NOT stop looking at each other, toughing and just being super sweet.  It was quite lovely to witness and watch as they moved through the reception room greeting their guests.  
  • The Venue on Broadway is nice.  It was my first time for me to photograph there and I hope to do so again.  Anyone planning a wedding there in 2017?  Call me.  It’s got great bones about it!  Great bones. I'm not crazy about the stage and having the cake up there. It made it hard to photograph, but still, the bones?  Beautiful!  And that stage?  Sure made for some great angles on the first dance.  Hello!  It was like a really pretty step stool.  
  • let’s talk about that cake.  Just check out the bottom layer!  How gorgeous is that?  I don't even know how one does that?  Creates that?  Does it not look like the creamiest most dreamiest thing you ever saw?  OMGEEE!  I bet it would melt in your mouth.  I wish I knew if it melted in mouths.  I was a good little gluten free girl and did not eat the cake.  PIssed and pouting, but good.
  • First dance was definitely a favorite of mine. Nothing big and showy, just classic, romantic and you could definitely feel the love. Well done, you two.  Well done.
  • Father Daughter Dance…they totally brought the water works to the crowd.  So many people teared up!  And how could they not?!?!?  Be sure and check out the special shot of mom below.
  • She lost her six pence.  I’m hoping someone found it when the clean up started. But she changed clothes at the reception before she left, and darn it.  It wasn’t in her shoes.  
  • unique German drinking cup.  Sarah told me the tradition, and I’ve forgotten.  Geez…my brain.  Good thing I can take pictures.  I did find this link  and after reading it, YES.  This is exactly what they did!   Not one drop was spilled so I guess that means they will live happily ever after!  
  • Sister Toasts, not “sister wives” just toasts.  Being a wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed many over the years and some are good and some are bad.  Like in very bad.  You know the kind, they bring up stuff they NEVER should after drinking several glasses of “somethings” and all your dirty secrets are out in the open in front of EVERYONE, including daddy’s co-workers at the firm.  Anyway, that did NOT happen with Sarah’s sisters.  It was just the right amount of sap and sweetness and humor. Plus, it was heartfelt.  Tears even.  My favs!
  • Did I mention their first dance?  Did I talk about it?  Slow and sweet and just so darn romantic!!!  I loved your first dance, Sarah!!!  You two were simply lovely to watch!
  • Sarah and her childhood friend had a moment when she requested a special song for both of them.  Sort of a tribute song.  Help me out here, Sarah. What song was that?!?!?  I need to message you and find out.  Such a sweet moment!  When I shoot, I get into things visually more then anything and you two are close.  Sister close.  They listened and hugged and then broke down and cried and then they danced with their husbands.  Another great moment at this wedding!
  • Mother of the Bride…this will be me someday.  Someday, right?  And Melissa, Sarah’s mom, is something I will strive for at my daughter's weddings.  She looked perfect, in my opinion for this wedding.  Still young, and vibrant, in a dress that showed off all her best assets!  I loved the color, the shape, everything about it.  Plus, she totally rolled with the punches of this wedding. Calm and collected.  BRAVO MOB!!!
  • A bathroom plunger made an appearance.  Okay, so John Paul’s sister gave him a wedding gift that he opened during the reception.  A plunger.  But not just any plunger folks, a special, MODERN, cool looking plunger.  Not sure the backstory here, but maybe they will read and share it in the comments.  No?  
  • Speaking of John Paul’s sister, her and her friends, F U N.  Yep.  I’ll get their addresses and you can invite them to YOUR wedding!  These girls put DANCE on the DANCE floor!  Thank you for BRINGING IT, girls!
  • The groom's cake was a Buck-eye.  I think?  I’m just now realizing this.  I thought it was a rustic brown heart.  Yep.  Stupid me.  The boy is from Ohio, right?  Geez…

Hello, blog readers!  This just in!!!  This just in!!!  The groom's cake was a T-bone steak!  RARE, hence the red velvet cake inside.  Oh, and get this, the boy is from West Virginia!  I told you I was a visual storyteller!  Thank you, Melissa for correcting me.  Always welcome!!!