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the one with Rebekah, a bridal in Lubbock

Lubbock Wedding Photographer

I scheduled this to post the day of Rebekah's wedding.  She's MARRIED!  This is a special girl to me and our family.  She's a dear friend of my daughter's, I've watched her grow into an amazing young lady, and she cooks pretty darn good.  Hello! 

We spent some time yesterday photographing her bridal.  A bridal is a great thing to do before your wedding.  For one, you get to test out the hair, the dress, see how long everything takes so you can plan your wedding day.  All of that and more.  

Shout out to the fabulous Kaylee Rudd for the hair and makeup.  and another BIG shoutout to Heather, Rebekah's sister who was an AWESOME photo assistant yesterday.  BRAVO, Girl!  You totally helped.  

Lots of Love and Laughter to Rebekah and Samuel!