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I try and take notes after each wedding to help with the blogging process.  Here's what I wrote about Tanner + Aspen's wedding.  They are seriously hands down, one of the BEST couples.  I just got back from Reno and I'm blogging this couple's wedding tonight.  It's time!  She's waited long enough.  AND I have a couple more weddings to share.  This week is "catch up" week for sure.

things about this couple

  • Aspen LOVES flamingos.  Pink flamingos.
  • They have this dog named Reno, that is the ultimate coolest dog.  He was a totally laid back “best dog” at this wedding.  Never complained once.  Always there when I needed him.  He even posed for the camera.
  • Aspen loves cheetah print.  She asked me about my Tieks, which I love and I told her about the cheetah prints ones.  HELLO! She should totally buy them.
  • She has 2 engagement rings.  They’ve been together a while. And she definitely deserved them. 
  • Their little girl, Addison?  HELLO!  She totally reminds me of the little girl in Monster’s Inc.  She’s so cute!  And typically so happy.  She's not a bad dancer either.
  • Aspen has a muscle disease and adopted her best friend.

things about their day

  • Addison dancing during the wedding with her “uncle” the ring bearer.  So, cute!!!
  • The road to the Horseshoe Knot is bumpy.  Very bumpy!  The cake lady?  Kind of a crazy moment getting the cakes there in one piece!  Not sure if she was very happy about that.  But the cakes were very good.  
  • Aspen’s scissors.  The girl had wire cutters.  She means business when it comes to cutting things.
  • After the first dance, oh, Lord! They attacked Tanner, his groomsmen and let Aspen beat him with his roping chaps. Hello!  That was a first for me at a wedding.  
  • Tanner wore his sunglasses during the ceremony.  Even though the sun had already went behind the building and was no longer blinding him. I’m convinced that he didn’t want folks to see him crying.  
  • Nervous officiator.  He was a family friend and this was his very first wedding.  He did awesome.  But it was cute to watch him prepare and sweat it out.



  • Why flamingos?  Flamingos are my favorite they are kinda cheesy and I'm a cheesy person. Plus they are totally like my spirit animal lol. 
  • What does Reno’s tag say?  Reno’s collar says Reno his tag says "got lost looking for bitches call my dad"
  • Your officiator?  What was his name? The officiant was Wes my bff not tanners don't let them lie to you!!
  • Your rings?  Who designed them?  Michael Tittor.  www.tittorsbucklesandspurs.com  The watch Aspen gave Tanner was designed by a guy as well.  The band.  It’s tooled leather.

From here on out, the pictures will do that talking.