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the one where Courtney + Bryan get married

There's many reasons to love Courtney + Bryan.  For starters, HELLO!  Batman.  That in and of itself is enough.  I mean, just how cool are these two in that photo above?  Tell me?  After spending their wedding day with them, I can honestly tell you that these two genuinely know and like and love each other.  And because of that?  I truly love them.  When people are real and vulnerable, they become absolutely beautiful and you just can't take your eyes of them.  I was invested!  I was all in, in the BEST way!  Their wedding day was nothing but love and laughter and fun!  Just the way I like them.  

Courtney's birthday is today.  And TT plays Oklahoma at the Jones.  It's a busy weekend.  I have a couple's shower at my house on Sunday and my baby girls are in town (they know the bride as in Elf, KNOW THE BRIDE).  Plus, my birthday was Friday, HELLO!  I share one with Kim Kardashain.  .Birthday Sistas, It's busy.  But it's a good busy.  And when I realized I had not shared Courtney's sneak peek from her and Bryan's wedding, I knew I had to.  I wanted to feel this day again, in my head and in my heart.  It was such a great day!

Courtney wore red shoes.  You'll see them when you scroll below.  Red shoes scream, "I'm here people!  And I'm classy and not boring, NOPE not me.  Not one little bit.".  And Courtney could definitely fill her pretty red shoes she chose for her day.  They may not have been the most comfortable, I mean, what high heels ever are?  But they dang sure were the HOTTEST!  They bridesmaids wore red and the guys wore black.  TT alumni's.  Sort of.  You see, Courtney attended A + M AND TT.  I think she got her law degree from Tech.  The red and black went nicely with the group, mostly TT alums.  Everyone cleaned up nicely and brought their a-game to the Legacy.  Even Aggies and Red Raiders can get along, right?

During the ceremony, these two were emotional! Okay, so maybe Bryan a bit more then Courtney.  And maybe Bryan is ALWAYS more emotional than Courtney.   I think he had his handkerchief out the entire ceremony because the boy, he cried like a baby!  I think that's another reason why I love him so!  He's not afraid to show his emotions and with Courtney, he's an open book.

Courtney's girls were long time friends and family.  There was more attitude and wit in one room, almost more then these walls could handle.  I had the distinct feeling that these girls could take on the world, win everything.  They are strong, beautiful women that are confident and strong.  I enjoyed the banter and the stories and enjoyed how much they loved their bride.  They would definitely take a bullet for this girl, if that's what it came down to.

Bryan spent the morning kicking back at a friend's pool.  They drank a bit, remained calm and just you know, "boys be boys".  They showed up in time for a few photos before hand and then basically did everything they could to tease anyone around them needlessly.  It was quite funny at times and other times?  Yeah.  ANNOYING!  Hello!  Boys be boys, right?  He still makes me laugh, so of course I'm not mad.  

This wedding was made possible with tons of love from family and friends.  Someone did flowers, someone else, signs and details, someone ironed dresses, another, food was provided.  Every time I turned around and loved one or a family member was present, helping and concerned.  You could feel the love for these two from everyone you encountered.  That's the way you want to remember a wedding day.  Feeling loved.

I'll quit pestering you with the words in my head. Instead, I'll let the pictures do the talking. You will definitely see how much emotion was involved this day.  I congratulate these two and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!  Their lives will be fully blessed, this I know for sure.

Love does,

Videographer, Nathan Edgar
Event Planner and Floral Design, Eric Montanez, personal friend of the bride
Ceremony Venue, The Legacy
Bride's Gown, Blushing Bride Boutique - Frisco, TX
Groom's Attire, Men's Warehouse
Catering, Stella's
Cake, Marla Felton
Stationery, Holly Anders
Music, Shawn Pena