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the one where Richelle + Mark get married

I'm still dreaming about how much fun this wedding was!  In my head I'm dancing and photographing and laughing until my sides hurt!  It was THAT much fun!  They were married on Tech campus at the Kent R. Hance Chapel with a reception following at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts.  Both beautiful venues for sure!  Especially the LUCA.  HELLO!  Just quirky, colorful, fun, yet modern and full of vintage vibe.  Come to think of it?  That's exactly how Mark and Richelle feel to me.  They are fun and funky with vintage vibes.  LOL

These two are surrounded by so many good people that love them madly.  All day, they were loved and joked with, and laughed with.  I loved this wedding day!!!

Best wishes you two, for a fabulous life together!

love does,