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the one with Lane at the wedding


The photograph above is of Lane.  His mom was getting married this day and I needed to quickly become his friend and earn his trust.  You can tell at this moment, I wasn’t doing my job.  He looks worried. I mean, HELLO!  I'm inches above his head with a big black camera.  What is this lady doing?  I'm sure he's really only been photographed with a smart phone in his life and many of those images he probably took himself.  

Getting close to your subject is important in documentary photography.  And eventually, I did earn his trust and he forgot I was in the room.  He was doing his own thing and being himself. That was my goal.  To photograph Lane doing his own thing.

You see, people are very self aware and to photograph real moments you need them to trust that you only want their best in mind. And their best on a wedding day is filled with MOMENTS.

Get your subject comfortable with you so that they forget you are there and they will be REAL.

I LOVE the real.