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the one with beautiful, silly Avery, LCHS grad 2016

I've sat on these images for way too long!  I think subconsciously, it's because I don't want to thing about "baby gregory" graduating!  And she's not even the baby!  Her little sister is in high school as well.  Okay, so selfishly, it's about me.  Put a brick on her head and let her stay young.  BUT another huge part of me is so excited to see where the world takes these kids!  Avery is steadfast in her convictions and from what I can tell form her twitter feed, loves cute baby animals.  There's way more layers and I could brag about her for days, but the bottom line is, she's a good one.  And I like the good ones.  

Enjoy the sneak peek!  I went a little OVERBOARD.  She's so awesome to photograph!!! and HELLO!  Look how cute she looks in that hat?!?!?

Love Does,