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the one with Abigrace, LCHS Senior 2016

Ask Jesus what HE wants from you, AND BE BRAVE!  ~Pope Francis

I follow the Pope on instagram and most times, he inspires!  He convicts me to the core with his ease of words and simple way of breaking things down.  And he typically uses the least amount of words to get the point across.  Like the words I shared up there.  We typically ask God for help all the time and rarely ask him what he wants.  I'm convicted.  I mean, I always ask for what I want!  Selfish girl.  Hello!  I quickly looked through my prayer list and it's all "me orientated".

  • help losing weight
  • staying healthy
  • happy kids
  • financial situations
  • etc. and on and on

not once did I ask, "hey, God, make sure I'm doing what you want me to do, which is?" and pause and see what he says.  I'm sure I'd be surprised.  Or it might be expected.  "Quit whining about YOU and get to work serving others."  Because that's really what he wants for us.  To become selfless and reach outside ourselves to help other, to LOVE others.

I think that's what It's like when you are a graduate.  Those of you that are seniors right now. In college or high school. You are in your final semester and I'm guessing the number one questions you are being asked is, "so, what are you going to do?"  Everyone is pressuring you to figure out what you want in life, where you are going to college, what you are going to do.  And I'm sure it can be hard to breathe.  You feel like you are being served to the wolves, perhaps.  Kicked out from the pack. That the comfort of what you've known and loved is going away.  And HELLO! Figure it out.

But in reality, we should all just stop and ask God what he wants for us.  And then, the pressure is off the "What should I do." and then it's "how will I do that?"  Because the Pope did add those words, BE BRAVE.

Abigrace, BE BRAVE.  That's the best advice I can give you or anyone graduating this year.  And I'm going to try to do it as well.  

Thank you for spending your afternoon with me and reminding me of sweetness and beauty and all the lovely things girls are made of.  

Love Does,