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It's Monday!  Happy Monday!  Our family was together this last weekend in Austin.  So much fun! Probably a little too much fun at times.  I'm definitely paying for it today.  

We were apart for Kalyn's birthday so we brought her present with us. She turned 22 and filled us in on all her birthday news. It sounds like her Austin friends sure love her!  I'm very thankful.  4 years ago when I moved her to Austin, who would have thought?  HELLO!  I was seriously thinking I would have been back there in 48 hours moving her back to LBK, but she spread her wings, trusted herself and worked hard to do right.  Add to that, God taking care of her and putting the right people in her life, she's definitely blessed!  

Kalyn joined a sorority her Freshmen year. Alpha Delta Pi and we couldn't be more pleased with how things worked out.  They are a great group of girls and she even lived there in the house last year for a semester.  Now this year, she's living with a cool Cali chick, Tatiana, and they have an apartment on the West Side.  Tatiana is a ADPi as well.  Her sorority was hosting this weekend and spoiled us parents pretty good.  I was impressed!  

Friday night started with the Punch Bowl Social.  Go ahead, click the link and learn more.  It's a fun place to get together with family and friends, even a date!  And just enjoy the food and fun!  We had a great time!  Of course winning at Galaga sure helped me enjoy the place.  They even have karaoke.  We will definitely have to do that next time.

Game day started with a tail gating at the sorority house.  They had food, cold water and a great space to enjoy some shade and an AWESOME band!  I have their card somewhere so I'll share in the future, but we sure enjoyed listening to them.  They also had some Burgers by Hat Creek and something called, Banachary.  It was basically a very cold banana dipped in chocolate.  You could add sprinkles and such to it as well, but it was AMAZEBALLS.  Seriously, folks.  I didn't think i would be that impressed but I was!  I had 2!!!  

From the tailgate, we made our way to the game!!!  It was hot and sweaty and filled with UT fans.  And it was a great game!  Even though the Longhorns lost, the game was good.  The refs?  Not so much.  I even read an article online about that.  The fans around us were great, lots of high 5's, cheering and football talk.  Just fine for a day of football.  

After the game, we of course got busy finding a place to watch the TCU vs TT game.  We made our way to Austin Pizza and enjoyed a few drinks and the end of the game. Even recharged my iPhone.  I'm the one that take images with both, so I needed it.  Plus, I tried to Periscope during the game.  HELLO!  Folks, this is hard.  Hard for me. I'm a still image shooter.  I think video is cool and I've even managed to create a few OK ones, but overall?  Not so much.  It's hard because I'm still looking for the best angle and unique way to photograph a still.  And it's not always the bet for video.  But I still try.  

Gordough's won out for dinner and then of course, an after dinner slice of pizza at Homeslice.  Needless to say, I think we overdid it.  We just had time for mass and lunch before heading home on Sunday.  It's never long enough.  Never.

Kalyn may be graduating in December, so we will be back, and HELLO!  Lauren is getting married there in November, so I'm all about the happy of getting to see Austin again.  Until then...

Love does,

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