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Last night, over in the Pirate Nation, was a game of INTENSE football!  Intense!!!  So Cooper played Frenship last night and many of us didn't fall asleep for quite some time.  We couldn't!  We were too jacked up on "what could have been".  UGH!!!  

The game was talked about on social media, at school, in the press, facebook, you name it, all week leading up to the big night.  Of course it was! These two schools have played each other for years!  It's always a good game when a Pirate takes on a Tiger.  There was some trash talk and a bit of vandalism involved I hear, but Hello!  For the most part?  Things were kept to a minimum and they played some football.  And a good game of football, I might add.

When I arrived, (and walked the mile to the stadium), stands were packed and excitement was in the air!  Frenship filled their stands and even posted a precious shout out to Luke and Hannah Grace, two Cooper Families that are hurting right now.  They hung huge banners on their side of the field showing their support.  How cool is that?  That just really impressed me with how much this community loves another, despite where we attend school.  I love that!  

Game was great, very entertaining and filled with intense moments.  As always, controversy ensued with a couple of bad ball placements and even a turnover or two.  Coaches discussed with refs, mad faces and lots of emotion.  We honestly should have won.  Could have won.  But it just wasn't in the football cards of heaven last night.  When Frenship scored in the last few minutes of the game, the air was sucked out of the stands here at Cooper and you could hear the disappointment.  Feel the disappointment!  It was awful.  It took a while before my stomach quit hurting.  It really did.

I love being a part of the Pirate Nation and even though we've grown by leaps and bounds, it's awesome to come and still find familiar faces there.  The boys play again next Saturday when they host Stephenville @ 2PM.  I plan on being there.  Maybe I'll see you?

Love Does,

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