the one with Kyler, a Frenship 2016 GRAD

When you photograph a senior, you have so much responsibility.  A responsibility to the parent, who hired you to capture their baby in the BEST way possible.  To pull at their heart strings and make them always remember what their baby looked like at this time in their life.  Plus, you have a responsibility to the student, the graduate, the kid on the cusp of adulthood.  You want to make them look good, feel good and not look stupid.  That's #1 perhaps, the stupid part.  

Kyler was so easy in his skin and a joy to photograph.  His mom came along to help with the reflector when needed, and to keep the conversation flowing.  (Thank you, Christy for the book referral.  HELLO!  Killing Kennedy ROCKED on audio!)  And it was just a great way to spend the evening.  Honestly, it was.  I'm not just blowing blog smoke up your heiny or anything.

Special thanks to Kyler!  And best wishes for an AMAZING senior year!  Work Hard, Play Hard, WIN BIG!  

Love Does,