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the one with Caleb, Idalou GRAD 2016

I realize time is marching on, the world is turning, days will come and go. I get all that. But in my head?  This kid below?  Wait. Scratch that. This young man below?  He should be like 3. With a big grin and bumps and bruises everywhere from non stop activity!  That's the Caleb in my head. His family and mine go way back. Like way back in the good old days before  we all left St. Joseph School. I love this family. They think good, do good and be good. Caleb is still cute as can be but now there's this bigness about him I don't quite recognize. He's in his senior year and is a total freak on the BB courts!  He plays football as we so I'm sure I'll get to photograph him in action again soon. Here's to an AWESOME year cute Caleb!!!  Much success with everything!!!  And no body wears a white t-shirt quite the way you do. 

Love does, 


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