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I feel for mommas.  I really do.  I mean, we have never had our family photograph made.  We've had snapshots and timers, iPhone photos, etc.  But not professionally.  So, I get to show up when I'm photographing a family and just play with the kids.  HELLO! Fun job, no?  But the mommas?  They have the clothes, the cleaning, the behaving AND get themselves to look top notch, photo worthy.  It's a lot to handle!  And then, mother nature throws a curve ball and it's cold, cold, cold the day we are photographing your family.  BUMMER.  With a BIG B.  So, what did this momma do?  She rolled with it folks.  We moved the session in the the barn and turned on a heater, grabbed a sweet kitty and just had a ball!  Or at least I did.  

Thank you, Emily + Hayden for sharing your kids with me that Saturday!  I loved it!  

Love Does,