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I have a college graduate.  Holy Smokes!  Miss Marie graduated from the Univeristy of Texas a couple of weeks back.  Yep.  I have a college graduate!!!  Did I just type that?  It’s crazy to think about it.  But I do.  We found out literally a month before graduation.  She went in to meet with her advisor and he told her she had enough hours since her semester abroad all transferred.  So, let’s throw together a weekend in Austin and have a graduation celebration!!!!  A few family members couldn't make it on such short notice and I was completely bummed about that, but some did and for that I'm so grateful. It was such a lovely weekend!

I’m secretly convinced that Grandma, Davida, planned this entire affair as in called her advisor and arranged for this to happen.  I mean, after all, she didn’t want to choose which grandkid was her favorite.  Originally slated for May graduation, Kalyn and my niece Brooke’s were on the same weekend.  Now?  With Kalyn Marie graduating December, no one will ever know who her favorite is.  Yep. Her secret is safe.  LOL

We stayed at the Lonestar Court which is located in the Domain.  It’s an awesome place that I highly recommend.  It’s close to West Campus off the MO and HELLO!  Shopping and EVERYTHING right there.  It has a cool laid back vibe without smelling like weed and provides you with everything you could ever need in a hotel.  A cool place to drink and breakfast.  Yep.  We are easy to please in this family.

Her graduation was early on Saturday, so afterwards, we took a tour of campus and just enjoyed the fabulous weather!  It's was awesome!  And campus is so pretty.  Her friend, and old roomie, Christine gave us a tour and she was great at filling it with the perfect amount of trivia and charm.   I'm convinced my Dad wants to adopt her!  

I wore cute new booties that are the RAGE right now, but had to remove them because my feet were killing me.  UGH. Not a smart move and thank you Summer Zoe for letting me borrow your socks.

After the tour, we took several of her close friends and US to Magianno’s for a fantastic dinner and celebration!  It was just across the street from our hotel and everything was just perfect!  The food, the staff, the guests, EVERYTHING.  We all ate and drank and enjoyed the conversation and laughter!  And then after dinner, we walked the domain with all the pretty lights and decorations and jazz band, and then walked back to our rooms and enjoyed the evening.  It was great!  We had bonfires to keep warm and just a wonderful evening.

What’s next for Kalyn Marie?  Well, her lease in Austin is good through June, so she’s concentrating on getting a job.  Anyone hiring?  Let us know.  She’s a great kid and an even better human being, so you should definitely look her up.  I think she’s on Linkedin.  

Congratulations Miss Marie!!!  WE are super proud and even more excited for you!!!  

Love Does,

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