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the one where Kaylee and Jace get married at the Legacy in Lubbock

These two have been sweethearts since Junior High.  In fact, when Kaylee and I were discussing the photography timeline for her day, she really wanted to take wedding portraits at the junior high.  How cool would that have been?  But with the details of the day, there just wasn't a way to make it work.  Maybe on their one year anniversary?  That would be sweet!

I'm in the thick of life things.  My oldest is graduating college in a few days.  COLLEGE.  I keep trying to wrap my head around that?!?!  And we are busy making plans for the trip to Austin this weekend.  And of course the Holidays.  And I honestly thought I had shared the sneak peek from this wedding, but an email from a prospective bride + groom that are getting married at the Legacy, had me looking for photographs to share and HELLO!  I totally forgot to blog these two!  and that's a shame that needed to be fixed ASAP.  Because I loved this wedding!  I truly did!

Kaylee + Jace included all their closest family and friends despite the ages.  She included everyone she loved.  I think the processional alone took 15 minutes!  It was beautiful and the songs they choose really set the tone and mood for the ceremony.  

I know these two.  I've watched them grow up in our tight community of Slaton and I loved being a part of this.  In fact, I'm a little sad it's over.  They were the ones that let me drag them to the fair to photograph them!  Remember that?  They've had a lifetime of memories already and now that they are a family?  Many more to come!

Best wishes you two!!!

Love Does,