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the one where the Lady Pirates beat Levelland

I'm in the kitchen baking pies.  In between batter licks and oven checks, I've been coming in here to blog game photos from last night's Lady Pirate game.  They played Levelland and you can read all about it on the AJ's website.  


Kalyn went with me and even shot a few of these.  My girls are home from college and I'm so excited to see them!!!  I treasure these moments because they may not always happen in the future.  Soon, they will be starting their own families and start that "every other year thing".  UGH...pain, in the stomach.  Heart hurting.  HELLO!  Not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, in the meantime, there will be lots of basketball to keep me busy!  They girls are doing AWESOME and pulled about another win!!!  When I congratulated Coach in the back hallway after the game, her words, "it was ugly, but it's a win".  Yep!  We like those W's!!!!

A special shout out to Kelsey and Lillie!  Great game, girls!!!  Great game!!!

Love does,