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the one with the LBMS Volleyballers

If you live in the Pirate Nation, you've seen or heard the phrase, Pray for Luke.  His dad is a coach at Cooper and Luke was hurt in a golf cart accident before school started.  He's in need of prayers and those prayers and faith have carried him this far.  I have no doubt they will continue to do so and will bless our community greatly.  I don't know his family personally, but I recently got to photograph many of his supporters!  

The Laura Bush Middle School Volleyball team asked me to photograph their team photos and many of the girls had on these bracelets as support for Luke.  And I think one is even his sister?  Am I right girls?  

I started something about a year or so ago.  Every day at 3PM or close to it, I pray my prayer list for the day.  I'm pretty high tech and keep it on the notes section of my iPhone.  This way I have access to it no matter where I'm at.  Luke has been on my list since I first go the word and he will stay on my list!  

"We lift up these individuals facing illness today.  We ask that you would bring healing, comfort and peace to their bodies.  Calm their fears and let them experience the healing power of your love, for this we pray to the Lord."

As always, love does!