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October is all pink.  You know, pink out for breast cancer and such.  Everyone likes to get behind a pair of boobs, and raise money and what not. I get it.  I do.  I mean, I basically had ass cancer and that's not near as attractive as breasts, and even though more people die from it each year, we don't have a month.  Or if we do, nobody "blues out" the stadium.  

I understand.  I'm not bitter.

Honestly, I'm just pointing this out because it's stupid to get jealous over cancer.  HELLO!

Friday night our Pirates beat Plainview.  I had the chance to go with a couple of friends and enjoy the game!  Even though it was cold and I was home way past my bedtime, it was great to watch our Pirates play and just be there with our Pirate Community! I'll miss this next game, darn it.  But when a bride calls, a bride calls.  

Of course, more photos on the Pirate Gallery. Simply click the "LCP" over there to the left.

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