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the one with Halley's family and the cute, adorable dogs

I want their shoes.  It's plain and simple.  I've been struck with the "fall bug" and it's where I like all things leather and wood.  I can't stop googling cute booties.  And then when I met these 3 beauties, I was seriously thinking about how I could get them barefoot so I could steal their shoes.  I've got it bad.  I  mean, just how cute are these girls and their outfits?  HELLO!  Halley is on the left and this is her family.  She has a precious little girl and we first met on a rainy Sunday up at TT.  Not the best place for an adorable little 2 year old that wants to run and explore.  You know? God created 2 year olds to seek and learn and explore.  That's why you have to be ready to chase them. So, we got what we could with the big people at TT that day, and then Halley and her little family and I got together later in the week.  It was perfect!  And the dogs?  They were AWESOME!  The first sweet, honey colored retriever belonged to Halley's mom and dad, and then her little family has an awesome blonde, long haired Daschund that is absolutely precious!  I love it when families bring the dogs!

Love does,