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the one with Jack, Trinity Grad 2016

Jack is a Harlan.  He belongs to Lezlee and George Lee.  And I guess Wyatt as well.  Their family picture is below.  I've known his momma for years.  And his older sister, Caroline went to preschool with my Kalyn Marie.  Sadly, they lost Caroline before Jack was even born.  Such is life sometimes, and somehow, when tragedy strikes, we are connected from that memory. Always.  I'd like to think me and Lezlee would have been friends anyway, but who knows?  What if Caroline and Kalyn Marie hated each other?  They may have fought over boys, books, horses, grades?  Or better yet, what if they had been THE best of friends?  Either way, I like to think that Jack and I would have been friends regardless.  The kid is just that cool.  Like in quoting movies cool AND get's photography cool..  He's even photographed quite a bit himself.  For reals!!!  Like for pay!!!  Impressed!!!   I love the way his brain works in a million different directions and it's super tack sharp as well.  I always enjoy talking to him, let alone PHOTOGRAPHING him!!!  Of course he pulled that off in spades as well..  BRAVO, Jack!  You pulled off the stud look, the cool dude look and the I'd-love-to-hang-with-that-kid look.  Pat yourself on the back!

Much Love,

PS  His momma just texted me a few minutes ago and his cross country team is headed to state!!! WOO HOO!  She also said Jack ran the best he's ever ran.  I'm not surprised.  Pleased as punch!  But not surprised.


You gotta love it when your dad tags along and makes your life oh, so fun.  Jack, someday, you will really appreciate this man.  You just will.