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the one where Jessica marries Chad in Slaton, Texas

I've lived in the Slaton area longer then anywhere else in my life.  It's home to me and my family.  We own a business in Slaton, The Bull Stop.  We attend church in Slaton at St. Joseph.  We were married in Slaton.  Our kids grew up in Slaton and were Tigers way before they were Pirates.  It's home.   So, when I get the chance to photograph a wedding in Slaton, HELLO!  It's like a reunion!  Friendly faces and friendly people.  I love a good Slaton wedding!  And Jessica + Chad's was no exception!!!  They had a good Slaton wedding!

Chad is a Wilson and if anyone knows anything about Slaton, they know about the Wilson Bakery.  HELLO!  BEST CHOCOLATE DONUTS EVER.  He's also a talented wood worker, which you can see the results of in the ring box below.  Very impressed.  The two were married in the Methodist Church and had the bakery van for their "get away car".   Um...several of us took that van for a spin at the reception and let's just say, the thing has some power.  So much fun!!!

The church was packed, filled to the brim, even despite the rainy weather!  That's how loved this couple is!  Either that or the congregation honestly thought they were handing out thumbprint cookies in the church. Not sure.  Who knows!  But either way, it was a great celebration that was heartfelt with just a tear or two and plenty of love.  

The reception was held downtown in a building that Chad + Jessica painstakingly renovated.  It was beautiful!  Modern lighting, doors, and just a cool hip vibe.  I kept reminding myself, this is Slaton?  Of course, no space would be big enough to hold the entire town that showed up to celebrate these two, so they erected a tent beside the building and had a jazz band play and entertain the guests.  It was great!  I could camp out outside the two buildings and photograph all those friendly faces and folks that came out to celebrate these two!  I loved it!

Thank you, Chad + Jessica for choosing me to photograph your special day!  It was such a treat and I loved every minute of it!  Best wishes for a wonderful happy life together!

Love Does,