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the one where Rich and Sally get married

20150606_0020These Wall weddings are like none other anywhere. They simply aren't. It's like you enter a different world. A world where people come out of the dirt from all over and just show up in their Sunday dress, strap on aprons and boots and start working, cooking and helping. Everyone comes together to celebrate the couple, their families, their loved ones. And everyone has a stinking GREAT time doing so! I love Wall Weddings!

Toni, my BFF was with me on this one, so when I saw "we" that's who I am referring to.

We started with bridal prep at the bride's family home on Hawk avenue, across the highway from the church. I found her dress hanging in the shower. Yep. Just a hanging.

20150606_002520150606_0030Sally had lots of "little people" in her wedding and they were all there getting primped and ready for their big day! The theme is Hollywood glamor and bling was EVERYWHERE! The little girls were loving it!

20150606_0165The guys were getting a tour of the gin with Sally's dad. Rich and many of his groomsmen were not from this area. So, that was a complete treat! Hearing about the way things work and how cotton is produced.

20150606_0204Bridal prep involved clean teeth and gums. All parts are included in the preparations of her day!

20150606_021620150606_021820150606_023420150606_0260Cracks me up! Sally has the most gorgeous jet black hair. TONS of it! And when they teased it out, she reminded me of a Hollywood actress from the 50's or 60's. Bridgette Bardo, perhaps? Not sure. But I LOVE this shot below! So much volume! And then the one following shows off her stunning headpiece! LORD! It looked so lovely against her dark locks!!!

20150606_038120150606_044720150606_0507See the little girls just a playing and playing!

20150606_0665Sally's mom presented her with her grandmother's jewelry to wear on her big day. Needless to say, she was touched. We all were reaching for tissues!

20150606_093820150606_095120150606_1013Old bling below, followed by new bling. The old was the "get away" car. A classic Cougar!

20150606_125820150606_127520150606_1281Getting dressed in a tux came easy for Rich. The man is an accomplished singer and wears a tux when he performs at the symphony. Tuxedos are a way of life.

20150606_130220150606_144120150606_1599The dress was to die for! Total glam! Totally gorgeous!!!

20150606_1624And HELLO! Bridemaid's dresses were GORGEOUS as well!

20150606_166120150606_182420150606_185820150606_1896See? STUNNING!

20150606_210120150606_212020150606_252020150606_2573These are the cookers below. You know, slow cooking meat requires some mad domino skills.

20150606_261920150606_270220150606_270620150606_277820150606_2804Rich and Sally had a special statue on the altar for their marriage mass.

20150606_285020150606_302520150606_302720150606_3078Great moment captured by Toni, my BFF and 2nd shooter. LOVE this one below!

20150606_314220150606_315520150606_300420150606_317520150606_319320150606_319720150606_336420150606_3460********** If I hadn't told you it was a Catholic mass, you could most certainly guess from this photo below. LOVE THIS! They were just so into it. You know?

20150606_349720150606_364320150606_373520150606_095920150606_374020150606_4114This is a Polish tradition I think, or German, or maybe just a Wall thing...I'm not sure. But the groom must pay a toll fee, or in this case, a rope fee to be able to leave the ceremony site. Rich has to stash some coins in Sally's dress pockets, (yes, her dress is that awesome!) to pay the alter servers before they could walk back down the aisle.

20150606_412620150606_413520150606_4160I had to share this image of Sally's family. Notice Sarah's lovely fanny pack? I nicknamed her Oprah because she was PROMINENT and flashy and bestowed gifts upon everyone. LOL I love fanny packs and wish they could come out to play more often.

20150606_442120150606_458120150606_459920150606_465020150606_468020150606_471220150606_4770FLASH MOB ALERT! This was too awesome! Sarah had emailed all the wedding party several weeks before the big day, a video of a routine she choreographed to the tunes of Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk". They rehearsed quickly together the night before, but BANGED this out at the reception. IT WAS AWESOME! At the end of the routine, the bride and groom were announced. Speeches were given and the party was officially started!

20150606_482020150606_490020150606_496220150606_496820150606_502520150606_511120150606_530420150606_535320150606_540120150606_562720150606_567920150606_575220150606_575520150606_583020150606_586220150606_591520150606_630020150606_646120150606_654520150606_693920150606_705020150606_705720150606_712520150606_712820150606_7181A huge shout out to both families for being so AWESOME and so nice to both of us. I enjoyed photographing this entire weekend and would gladly follow some of you to the ends of the earth, camera in hand. BRAVO for throwing a FABULOUS wedding that everyone enjoyed and loved!!! And BEST WISHES to the HAPPY COUPLE!

Love Does,